Still Beam Welding – Rsj, I, H Beams

In the welding world you get to hear a lot about RSJ or I beam welding. But what are I Beams, how it can help you and what are these beams use for? Here is some info about the subject to provide you with more insights about structural beams like I and H beams. Read more to find out more about Rsj beams.

What is a RSJ beam?

Simply put, the RSJ beam has an I or an H shaped cross section. The horizontal side are known as flanges and vertical one is named as the “Web”. These beams are very important for structures as they do tend to carry the heavy load of a particular construction. Not only that, but they are widely used in things like engineering. RSJ beams are made out of structural steel, with the purpose of holding buildings and robust structures. They are created from solid steel that makes it very reliable and durable. Aside from this use, you can find RSJ beams in places where you need building a strong structure like in iron bridges. Some people also use them for offering a better roof sustenance.

Simply put, where more support for heavy items is required, structural beams like Rsj plays a major role.

To summarise the uses of I beams this is where they are mainly used:

  • Building Construction.
  • Heavy Duty Structures.
  • Bridges.
  • Steel Foundations.
  • Etc.

What is the purpose of beams in a structure?

The RSJ beams are created with the idea of maintaining the structure powerful and durable. Plus, the RSJ beam will automatically carry the load and pressure. Adding multiple RSJ beams will allow you to spread the heaviness equally and lead to amazing results.

RSJ beam are varied in sizes and the the more supportive the structure has to be the larger beam is required. Good structural beams are certainly one of the most important things to invest in when you want to have a solid building. They are relatively inexpensive and can be provided by a local welder.

Why Are I Beams Used in Structural Steel Construction?

The reason why I beams are so good for this type of construction is that they are very durable. They deliver all the support that you need for such a construction. With I beams you never have to worry about any pressure or issues that may appear over time. The results are always astonishing, and save the companies some money too.

Being it a simple beam of steel it is not as expensive as some other solutions may be. It’s certainly a worthwhile investment and one that does simplify the work of construction companies significantly.

Rsj Beams can also easily blend in with other construction materials. They don’t stand out, yet they get the job done.

Who is Allowed to Weld and Work With RSJ Beams

It’s advised to have only professional welders with sufficient certificates handling structural beams at commercial and residential projects. The welders would usually have to have years of experience under their belts to work in projects that evolves RSJ beams.

The last thing you want is to face any structural problems in a construction project. Hire only a professional welder that is familiar with handling RSJ beams welding and has the right certifications to work in structural building sites.Some of the certifications you’d probably want your welder to have while dealing with beams on structural welding projects are:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • ISO Certificates
  • Coded Welder Certificate
  • CSCS Card

And More…

The qualified welders at Mobile Welding London can help you complete any welding, fabrication and fitting of steel beams in a structural project successfully. We offer extensive and professional metalworks you can count on, throughout the entire Greater London.

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Is It Possible To Extend An I Beam (RSJ)?

Yes, that’s possible, and it’s exactly where the need for welding comes into play. But it’s important to opt for professional welding services, to ensure that everything will be ok. Make sure to hire a reliable welder.

Certified professionals are definitely your only for Rsj beam extensions because the welding process is quite complex and it does require experience as well as some good equipment.

What Should an I Beams cost?

Rsj beams are relatively inexpensive. You can buy a beam in London, UK at around £30 per meter and price is decreased substantially the larger the quantity gets.

You can get all structural beams for a local steel beams supplier or even from your local welder. You will also have to add some for installation. This will depend on the labor cost of your welder.

What Are the Different Types of Steel Beams?

There are multiple types of beams. The H beam is made out of rolled steel. It has wider flanges when compared to the I beam. The flange by web ratio tends to be higher. Some consider this better than the I Beam, but it does come with its own set of challenges here. The I beam, on the other hand, you have the height of the cross-section higher than the flange width. It’s a crucial aspect to take into consideration when using beams in a project.

To summaries, I beams are an essential element in any structural project that requires structural beams. It’s crucial that using and welding an I beam in a structural project is done by a professional welder only. While prices differ, you can do a research online and buy the beams directly from a local supplier or a welder.

Need a Mobile Welder for a Structural Beam Project in London?

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