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Metal Polishing and Restoration

Mobile Welding London is your ideal source of metal polishing and restorations in London.

Paint removal, the applying of new paint or just polishing surfaces of metal structures, we do it all.

From satin finishes to reflective surfaces, we use different methods to polish and restore metal materials to your required finish.

Apart from making your metal pieces look beautiful, our practices can help you eliminate damages, degradation, and contamination.

We can collect your pieces and return them once the restoration work is completed or can work on your site.

Items we can help you restore

While being capable of refurbishing a wide variety of metal structures we mainly focus on:
– Metal Railing & Balustrade Restoration.
– Security Grills and Gates Restoration.
– Metal Fencing Restoration.
– Metal Staircase Restoration.
– Balcony Restoration.
– Architectural Steel Restoration.
– Furniture Restoration.
– Fireplaces Restoration.
– Metal building and façade restoration.

And other metal accessories of that scale that are used in buildings and private homes.

Restoration Methods

During the restoration process, we’ll work on getting your metal structures to the finest condition.

We’ll carefully remove signs of age and damage to restore them to their ideal visual potential.

As per your requirements, we can remove paint/rust, etc. grind rough edges, cut, drill, perform any welding task, supply and fit metal parts, polish surfaces into the required texture, repaint parts and bring pieces back to as close to their original condition as possible.

Some of the techniques we use for polishing and restoration of metal are:

– Shot blasting.
– Hand Sanding (Wire brush and sanding tools).
– Heat stripping.
– Chemical polishing.
– Scrapers.
– Spray painting and powder coating.
– Welding.
And more.

Our vast experience with metal restoration processes will help you make the most of the natural metal tones for your unique metalwork project. And we are always happy to advise you about the best finishes to suit your material.

What Clients have to say About Us

Metals we can help you polish, refurbish, and restore

  • Cast Iron.
  • Wrought Iron.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Mild Steel.

  • Copper.
  • Aluminum.
  • Brass.
  • Bronze.

Are you looking for your metal restoration to be completed fast, to a high standard, and at the best prices in London?

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