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Resolving All Your Metal Gate Needs

Protect your home and family with high security metal gates today! Have the best of London welders and fabricators start dealing with your metal gate queries in no time. We offer the finest quality of gate installations across the entire Greater London.

Get in touch with us to reveal an endless verity of high security gates at bespoke, unlimited designs. Below is more of what you could expect from our welding and fabrication services in London.

Gate Welders & Fabricators

The expert team at Mobile Welding London come well equipped in the welding, fabrication, installation and repairs of security gates in London. You can rest assured of an ever-professional service that will keep you safe and secure.

Mobile Welding London is dedicated to quality metal gate services; Our welders offer accurate on-site solutions for a wide variety of steel security gates. We understand that not every gate is the same. Every project we come across is different and has its own unique characteristics. Our professional team of welders and fabricators are experienced with all types of gates including:

  • High security gates.
  • Entrance gates.
  • Custom gates.
  • Pedestrian gates.
  • Driveway gates.
  • Custom designed gates.
  • Door gates.

And other types of residential and commercial gates. We can supply, fit and repair any metal, iron and steel gate.

Metal Gate Repairs & Restoration

Our company operates high quality onsite gate welding services. This allows us the chance to work on your security gate at your location where it is often required. We always look to repair your security gates in a timely manner; so your security won’t stay at risk for too long.

Overtime, many gates can become worn from daily use and from general aging. Sometimes, due to accidental damage, gates can become dented and rusty. This can eventually have an adverse effect on the safety and security of your gate.

Our expert welding and fabrication team can repair any mishaps on your security gate. This will alleviate any safety concerns you may have about it and also resolve liability issues and prevent potential injury risks. With Mobile Welding London you can rest assured that your security is back up to full strength.

Having trouble with your security gate, but are happy with the overall look and safety that it provides? The company’s gate repair solutions allows you to return that element of safety your existing gate used to have when it was just installed.

Our mobile welders can:

  • Fix broken parts in your gate.
  • Provide gate welding repairs.
  • Replace gate hinges and locking mechanisms.
  • Add, weld and replace any metal gate parts.
  • Align gates and repair damaged posts
  • Restore old gates to look like new.
  • Gate lock repair and installation
  • Improve your gate locking and security systems.

Have your security gate become old and rusty? Looking to improve the overall appearance of your gate?


Our welders can strip a rusty metal gate, remove any old paint and restore your gate to regain the appealing look it once had.

Repair or restore your gate now, to have it just like new – Call 020 3397 8705.

For Fast Gate Repair and Installation Services Call Now


For Fast Gate Repair and Installation Services Call Now

Expert Advice on Gate Welding and Fabrication

Our team are adept at being able to listen to your needs and to understand exactly what it is you’re looking to get out of your gate related service. Don’t compromise on an average quality gate. Discuss with a member of our team for the best strength and design standards to match your dream gate.

It is important for us to understand your needs so we can get a grasp on what it is you want from your security gate. It is important for us to understand your needs so we can get a grasp on what it is you want from your security gate.

From here, our welders and fabricators will be able to give you an expert guidance on the best options. You’ll then be able to choose the right type of gate to match your desired look and level of security.

You will be surprised which size of gaps a security gate can squeeze into; so never think twice on whether to call us. Our customer focused team will be able to identify what could work given your spec and provide you with a relevant solution to your security needs. They will attend to measure up your property with pin point accuracy and help you choose the right fence or gate for your needs.

Our company operates high quality onsite welding solutions. This allows us the chance to work on your security gate at your location where it is often required. We always look to repair your security gates in a timely manner; so your security won’t stay at risk for too long.

Bespoke Gate Solutions

Mobile Welding London also have the ability to customize your current standing gate or grilles. You can add with our services features that will help to modernize any metal gate or give it a fresh look.

If you would like spear points added on to your security gate, or perhaps add certain patterns so that the gate suits your tastes – our expert team can certainly help you in that too! As we own our own fabrication workshop, the work is not outsourced and is always maintained to highest quality result of finished metal gates.

Service Coverage in London

We offer gate repairs and installation services within the area of M25, Greater London. In this area of the UK, our expert welders and fabricators are never too far away from you. All security gates are fabricated to the best standards in our well established workshop in Central London.

The installations are provided at your location and convenience. Normally, our fabrications and fittings take between 7 and 14 days. Repair services tend to be faster and are usually available between a few hours to a few days; We take every effort to attend all jobs ASAP so your security gate will be fixed in a timely manner.

What Clients have to say About Us

Benefits of having security gates

Adding value to your property

Installing metal gates is not only a matter of home security. Security features such as steel gates can help in making your property more desirable should you want to put your property on the market.

Deterrent and Defence

Security gates are seen as an extra layer of security which can help keep any opportunist thief from entering your home or business. It is a proven fact that security gates, and especially metal gates work as a large deterrent to thieves.

Having strong gated access on any form of property, can be as much of a psychological barrier as it is a physical barrier; a potential criminal does not like the thought of having to deal with opening gates, or being slowed down by one.

Of course, it is always difficult to stay one step ahead of all criminals, but in adding in extra steps or layers to your home security can help to protect the things that are most valuable to you.

The majority of thefts that occur in homes and commercial properties are carried out by opportunist thieves.

By including a solid security gate to your home security system you are more likely to stop any opportunist from gaining access to your home or place of work. This will definitely reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Wood or Steel Gates

Sure, there is always the decision to be made over which form of gate you want to go for. The choice usually falls down to metal or wood security gates. Both forms of gates have their own benefits and down sides of course. For an instance wooden gates will keep a more natural appearance of your garden vicinity while metal gates will protect your property better.

Metal security gates are in general more secured and last longer. So if maintenance and safety are at your top priority this is the type of gates to go for. In our many years in business we have also found that metal gates doesn’t have to cost more and can also offer an imposing look for any un-wanted visitors. Choosing the right kind of metal gate to keep you safe is made easy with the help of a local welder and with the right gate fabricator you can enjoy an unlimited choice of designs.

Looking for some guidance before you talk to a local welder?

Here are some of our top tips on what it takes to make a security gate as safe as possible:

  • Gates should be seen as a continuation of the fence, so should always be of an equivalent height, strength and security.
  • Security gates should only be as wide as is needed.
  • As wider gates are more difficult to secure than narrow ones, we always recommend ensuring your gate is as narrow as you possibly could need.
  • Always use adequate locking bolts on the dead leaf of the gates (our expert fabrication and welding team can guide you on this).
  • Security gates should be secured with a padlock on the inside through permanent hasps and staples. When on a leave of your property for an unknown period of time you’d want to make sure that your gates are secured with this added locking feature. It can be very tempting to add chains to a securing padlock however chains can become a weak point in the security of a gate and can allow unwanted movement.
  • When choosing a padlock, always look for a heavy-duty padlock with 5 lever or 6-pin tumbler operating mechanisms.
  • The hinge pins to gates should be reversed, pinned, burred, welded or defaced to prevent the gate to be lifted off its hinges.

You may also find useful the 5 things to know before buying a metal security gate.

Choose your London Gate Welder Wise

By contacting Mobile Welding London you’re one step in the right direction to make your home or commercial property secure.

Only deal with a welding company that truly understands the importance of keeping you safe and protected.

We handle every enquiry with utmost care and respect. Whether it’s a small gate repair or the supply of multiple security gates;

Mobile Welding London is the one stop shop for all of your metal security gates needs in areas of London. Contact us today for fast and reliable gate repairs and installation services.


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