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Staircase Fabricators Near You

Mobile Welding London is a veteran welding and fabrication company based in London, UK.

Our qualified fabricators are here to help 24/7 when you need a fabricator near you. We offer fast and quality staircase fabrication services to anywhere in London.

The services are available to both commercial and residential clients. And all of our works are insured and guaranteed.

Complete staircase solutions 

Metal Stairs are an integral part of any building complex, production plant, and a large percentage of private homes too.

Quality staircases are designed to fit in the landscape of where they are being installed and to safely handle a high traffic volume.

Standard, Spiral, Modern or Traditional, and even fire escapes. Any metal staircase type you’re looking for, we can help you make it.

Designed and fabricated in mild and stainless steel, when ordering a staircase from us you’ll get a complete solution.

Choose from a huge variety of designs, treads, spindles (straight/curved), floors, textures, colors, shaped panels, and rosettes.

Mobile welding London offers you the perfect balance between design and strength. At the most competitive rates in London.

Every staircase that leaves our workshop meets the highest industry standards and is safe use at your home or place of work.

External stairs will often be hot-dip galvanized to help prevent weather damage or when applicable be painted in black to allow easy maintenance of the paint in the future.


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Types of stairs

Bring your ideas to life with the steel staircases fabrication in a wide range of styles including:

  • Spiral Staircase
  • Modern Staircase
  • Cat ladders (internal and external)
  • Fire Escapes
  • Helical stairs
  • Commercial Staircase
  • Residential Staircase
  • Open plan staircase
  • Straight flight
  • Quarter turn stairs
  • Movable staircases
  • And More

Metal Stair Tread Options

When it comes to metal stairs treads you have a few options to choose from. When choosing a tread the idea is to find the right balance between the desired appearance and safety of your staircase. With our industrial experience, you can trust that your new staircase will be fitted with the best grip surface while maintaining its versatility. Some of the treading options you can get for your new staircase include:

  • Bar grate stair treads
  • Plate stair treads
  • Diamond plate treads
  • Plank stair treads

And more


From start to finish, a fabrication of a staircase would usually take between 7-14 days, depending on the scale of your project. Once the fabrication of your new staircase is completed you can choose one of the following options of delivery methods:

  1. Collect the staircase from our workshop.
  2. Have the staircase delivered to your property.
  3. Get it delivered and installed at your premises.

Whatever option you choose we’ll ensure hassle-free and smooth delivery of your order according to the planned schedule.

Staircase Fabrication Cost

The price of a staircase can be often difficult to tell from a simple search online. That is because external steel staircases are usually made to the specific requirements of every customer. Which could vary quite a bit from one client to another. As a guideline, the cost of fabricating a metal staircase would start at £1100 for a basic staircase and will change according to the size and project requirements.

We’ll be happy to offer you a guide pricing based on only measurements and the staircase material. Since most staircases are however job-specific, an accurate quote can be provided based on the specific scope of your fabrication project. Tell us more about your goals and receive an obligation free quotation within 24 hours. We also offer a free on-site survey at your convenience.

What Clients have to say About Us

Why Use Metal Stairs?

Metal stairs are an integral component in private homes and almost any commercial setting. They are installed as fire escapes in buildings, in factories, power facilities, storage silos, and even rocket launch pads.

Metal stairs are an integral component in private homes and almost any commercial setting. They are installed as fire escapes in buildings, in factories, power facilities, storage silos, and even rocket launch pads. Some of the reasons why they are so commonly are:

  • Simple Installation – Fabricated metal stairs can be easily integrated into the site they are designed to fit into. They require very little structural reorganization and can be removed when needed at the same ease.
  • Easy Maintenance – Once installed, metal stairs require very little attention. They are durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • Long Lasting – Apart from being easy to maintain, steel staircases are also made to last. They will stand the test of time through though conditions and challenging environments.
  • A great choice for the future – Metal stairs offer a great balance between weight, size, and strength. That makes them a top choice for commercial use and one of the most portable type of staircase options.
  • Flexible Design – Unlike different types of stairs, steel staircases can be customized to any shape and style. This allows you to choose from an endless variety of designs without compromising on the strength of your staircase.
  • Cost-Effective – The price of a new staircase isn’t much or essentially higher than other staircase types. Moreover, the fact that they last so well for years to come makes it a worthwhile long term investment. Choosing to go with metal stairs will save you on maintenance and possibly the need to replace the staircase in the future.

Mobile Welding London delivers and installs steel stairs to homes, offices, schools, and commercial developments in London. Contact us today for a free quote and advice.


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