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How Much Does Mobile Welding & Fabrication Cost?

There are online price lists aimed at helping you estimate the cost of welding services. It’s better not to solely rely upon these, as they often provide inaccurate results.

The price of mobile welding services depends on several factors. Some of these are the complexity of your project, labour, time, materials used, and the service location.

To get an accurate price for welding or fabrication projects, contact a welder in your area. They can provide a precise quote based on your specific requirements.

Also note that most quotes for welding services should include both labour and materials costs. That is unless you request a ‘labour only’ estimate.

What Are The Labour rates?

There are two types of rates for estimating a welding service- Hourly rate and a fixed rate.  Each of these pricing methods may have its benefits or disadvantages in accordance with your project characteristics.

Generally, an hourly rate would be more suitable for commercial projects that require labour only on a daily basis and a fixed rate for all other welding projects.

For most welding works the fastest way to get a quote is to send a local welder all your project specifications.
Email the welders your project requirements to keep track of the conversation.
In your email include any relevant details about your project like a description, measurements, drawings, and pictures to provide them with a clear understanding of the scope of work.

This is essential for you to get an accurate quote. If a welder provides you with a quick quote over the phone, there’s a good chance the price will change when they arrive at your site.

If you aren’t capable of providing the welder with the work description and photo/s, ask them to come out for a site survey.

Most welders in London will charge a call-out fee for visiting your property.

At Mobile Welding London we offer obligation free site surveys for different types of jobs. In other cases we can deduct the visit fee from the total job price, should you wish the work to be carried out.


Book now a site survey at your destination in Greater London.

A Fixed Rate

In most private welding projects, a fixed rate would be what you should be looking for.

With a fixed-rate quote, you’d be able to know exactly what you’re going to pay prior to having the works done. This would help you take everything into account and verify that you stay within your budget limits.

A quote with a fixed rate will include both labour and material factors. The cost of welding for a small job in a London welding workshop could start from £90-190 per one hour labour from a decent company.  The price of a mobile welding service at your location would usually start from £250-350 for a basic job.

Some welding companies in London charge extremely high rates for just attending to your location. We recommend checking the price in advance to avoid being overcharged by the welder.

You can also find individual welders that charge less but many of these are amateurs, that aren’t qualified and insured. If the quality of work is important to you, and you want the job to be fully guaranteed, taking the risk of having it done with a “one man show” welder, just isn’t worth it.

In fixed-rate quotations, any parts that you may require like plates, structural steel, spindles, finials, treads, and other material. Will be quoted separately in the price quote.

An Hourly Rate

For bigger jobs, some welders might provide an hourly or a daily rate.

The quote may be for the labour only or labour plus the supply of equipment.

A good qualified mobile welder with gear in London is likely to be priced at £90-190 per hour.

Mobile welding businesses will often only provide a fixed price quote. That is because busy mobile welding companies have a tight schedule to manage and allowing technicians for unknown periods of time could come at the expense of flexibility. This eventually hinders the welder’s ability of providing a fast response and also ending up costing more to the client.

For that reason, at Mobile Welding London we’ll quote based on a fixed rate for completing your project. Start to finish.

That ensures our quick response to you and allows you to predict the overall cost of the project from the very beginning.

Having said that, with enough notice we can also prepare for hourly or daily rate projects. If you require a welder on an hourly rate for a commercial or structural welding project feel free to contact us too.

Get in touch with our team of qualified welders for a free quote or advice.

Ballpark figure rates for a mobile welding service in London?

Service Cost (£)
Basic Mobile Welding Service £250-350
Mobile Welder Hourly Rate £90-190
Mobile Welder Daily Rate £600-850
Metal Fabrication From £300
Metal Restoration From £350

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