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Resolving All Your Metal Gate Needs

Mobile Welding London can help you with gate repairs, new gate installation, and fitting of existing gates.


Gate Repairs

With our gate repairs service, you can get any metal gate
welding repair done within a matter of hours.Enjoy a gate repair London service from a good local company
for all your security gate issues.

You can now repair and replace any parts on your gate such as
spindles, finials, rail-heads, hinges, locks, and even an entire gate.

Gate Installation

Are you looking for a new gate installation?We can help you get any access gate, driveway gate, swing gate, or sliding gate installed to meet your needs. You can now have your existing metal gates installed or we can supply brand new gates for you. Fabricated, Supplied and Fitted at your destination, by the best gate welders in Greater London.

Protect your home and family with high-security metal gates from a top-rated business today.

Get in touch with us today to reveal an endless variety of high-security gates at bespoke, unlimited designs. Below is more of what you could expect from our gate repairs, welding, and fabrication services in London.

Reviews From Our Clients

Types of gates we serve

Mobile Welding London offers a wide range of metal gate services; Our welders provide accurate on-site solutions for a wide variety of steel security gates issues.

We understand that not all security systems are the same. Every project we come across is different and has its unique aspects.

Our professional team of welders and fabricators are skilled in:

Working on all types of gates, including:

  • Access gates.
  • Custom gates.
  • High-security gates.
  • Pedestrian gates.
  • Driveway gates.
  • Swing gates.
  • Sliding gates.
  • Custom metal gates.
  • Door gates.
  • Garage door gates.

And other types of residential and commercial gates.

We are your top choice of gate repair London company for all your gate repairs, supply, and installation.


For Fast Gate Repair and Installation Services Call Now

Welders and Fabricators You Can Trust

Have the best welders and fabricators in London start working on your gates as soon as today.

The dedicated service you’ll receive from the super friendly team at Mobile Welding London is second to none.

Our field technicians are qualified mobile welders. They are equipped with complete welding gear to carry out any gate repairs you may require.
North West to South East London, our welders will always attend your location on time for your appointment.

Whether it’s welding, fabrication, installation, or security gates repairs. With our team, you can rest assured of a professional service that will keep you safe and secure.

Metal Gate Repairs & Restoration

Once in a while, any gate will require some TLC.

If your gate has damage due to an accident, weather conditions, rust, or any other reason, it is advised to take care of the issue asap.

An unattended issue with your gate is likely to get worse in time, which might be more expensive to fix as well as cause health and safety hazards.
Some insurance companies may also invalidate your home insurance policy if access control systems such as gates are found faulty.

With Mobile Welding London you’ll get fast gate repair and restoration services.

Have your safety restored and health risks contained quickly, whenever security gate repairs are needed.

Apart from gate repairs, our onsite gate welding service, also offers a variety of metal gate restoration services.

Our gate restoration solutions can help you refurbish your gates to look new using methods like welding, fabrication, paint removal, shot-blasting, powder coating, brush painting, and more.

With our mobile welders you can:

  • Fix broken parts of your gate.
  • Perform gate welding repairs.
  • Gate lock repair and replacement.
  • Replace or repair broken gate hinges.
  •  Get, weld, and replace any metal gate parts.
  • Align gates and repair damaged posts.
  • Restore old gates to look like new.
  • Install locks on your gate.
  • Metal door hinge repair.
  • Enjoy quality gate welding repairs.
  • Improve your gate locking and security systems.
  • And more.


Have a problem with your gate? Need a fast gate repair service or improve the appearance of your gate?

Mobile Welding London is your source for great tips and advice. Contact us to discuss your projects further and get an instant quote.

Bespoke Gates Fabrication

Our mobile welders can help you customize any type of metal gate on site. If you’d like to replace parts on your gate, such as rail-heads, decorative panels, bars, locks, etc.
We can alter your gate to achieve the new design you are looking for. Get in touch with us to upgrade your old metal gate with a fresh look.

Are you looking for new custom-made metal gates? Our gate fabricators can create your dream gate for you.
Using state-of-the-art equipment in our local London workshop they’ll work on your order with great precision to provide you with the finest steel gates.
Once finished, the gates can be delivered and fitted on your site. The turnaround for supply and fitting of metal gates is normally between 2-4 weeks.  Our gate fitters will provide you very neat installation job. North, west, east, or south London, we can deliver to wherever you may be.

The Service

Our staff will discuss your requirements with you to provide you with a suitable tailor-made solution to your needs.

Once we know what you’re looking for we’ll offer the best gate repair options for you to choose from. Our welders and fabricators can also offer drawing services and advice.
We’re here to make it easier for you to choose the best gate repairs solution.

And if you choose to proceed with a service? Great. We’ll book a Mobile London gate welder of our team to attend at your site for a site visit, repair, taking measurements, and discussing your needs further.

Get in touch with a member of our team for the best strength and design standards to match your perfect gate.

Coverage in London and the Area

Our gate repairs and installation are available within the M25 area in Greater London. We also cover some local suburbs outside this area. Contact us to find out if we cover your area. Whenever you need metal gate service in London, we have a mobile welder near you.

Security gates can normally be delivered and installed within a few weeks’ time. Gate Repairs are available between a couple of hours to a few days. We take every effort to attend to all jobs ASAP.

Why Choose Metal Security Gates?

Metal gates are a perfect way to secure and add value to your property. Here are some of the reasons to go for metal security gates.

More Secured – Metal gates are more secured than any other type of gate.

More Durable – Metal gates last for longer and are easier to maintain.

Metal gates are as affordable as wooden gates and in our opinion they look great!

Adding value to your home.
Metal gates are not only an important part of home security systems. Security gates can also add to the value of your property should you wish to put it up for sale. Electric gates might add even more.

Can become an electric gate
Metal gates can be modified and motorized with automatic gate openers. Installing such access control systems puts more stress on the gate. Gates that are not originally designed to be automated, such as timber gates, might have a shorter shelf life. Metal gates on the other hand can take such stress for decades.

Security gates can help keep any potential intruder from trying to break into your home in the first place. It is a proven fact that metal gates work as a great deterrent against thieves.

Adding a gate to your access control systems can act as a psychological barrier. As much as it is a physical one. Potential criminals do not like the thought of having to deal with unlocking a gate or being slowed down by it. A security gate offers an imposing look for any unwanted visitors.

The majority of thefts that occur in homes and businesses are carried out by opportunist intruders.

By adding solid security gates to your premises’ access control systems; you are more likely to stop anyone from gaining access to your home or place of work. This will definitely reduce the risk of becoming a victim of the next burglary.

Electric gates

A metal gate can be turned into an electric gate, by installing on the gate an electrically powered mechanism that allows the opening and closing of the gate’s doors.

You can combine an electric gate with different access control security systems that would allow you to control it with a remote or even your smartphone; from anywhere in the world (with network reception).

Electric gates are a great way to make your access control systems more convenient. They can enhance the security systems of your property too, when used right.

Mobile Welding London provides only the metalwork aspects of electric gates. If you are after electric gates or gate automation services, we can refer you to recommended London businesses in the sphere for further help.

Experts that do a fantastic job installing new electric gates, automated gates and electric gate repair.

Feel free to contact us for help with your electric gate automation installation and repairs.

Metal Gate Tips

1. Be Consistent – Keep your gates and fences at the same design, strength, and security. That would help keeping a consistent appearance and your level of security.

2. Maintain Regularly – Metal security gates should be serviced once every 2-3 years. They need to be repaired, shot blasted, and painted when needed.  Contact us to have your gates checked by a qualified London gate welder now. 

3. Keep your security gates only as wide as needed. Wider gates are more difficult to secure than narrow ones, so keep your gate as narrow as you possibly could.

4.  Use only high quality security lock on your gate. Having said that, for small gates that people can simply jump over, there’s no need for a robust lock.

5. Install your gate hinges correctly to prevent the gate to be lifted off its hinges.

Choose your London Gate Welder Wise

Mobile Welding London will help you keep your home or commercial property secured.

Choose us for your mobile gate repairs, installation, and fabrication in London.

We handle every inquiry with utmost care and respect. From small gate repairs to the supply of and fitting of commercial security gates, with us, you’ll get the job done right. The first time.

Mobile Welding London is the one-stop shop for all your metal security gates needs in the area of London. You can now get metal gate repair and installation services from London’s top-rated gate welders.


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