How to Find a Local Welder

Mobile Welder Vs Workshop

There are few things to consider when looking for a welder near your area. You can then choose to take an item to a local workshop or hire a mobile welder. Based on your project each of these choices will have different benefits.

The first thing you should figure out is whether to find a welder’s workshop near you or to hire a mobile welder. Ask yourself if the welding task you require can be completed in a welder’s workshop.

London Welder’s Cost

As a rule of thumb it will always be cheaper to bring an item for welding to the welder’s workshop than to book a mobile welder to attend at your location. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about saving time and making the process convenient, contacting a mobile welder is your best choice.

Mobile welders would also save you the time and effort travelling to a local workshop, paying for parking, etc.

If the welder won’t have time to complete the job straight away you would most probably also need to travel back to pick up your item when it’s ready. Some welding tasks like the repair of a metal gate, railing or structural welding works in a building can only be carried out at your site. For this type of projects, the choice of a mobile welder is obvious. Use the guidelines below to find the best London mobile welder. Find more about the cost of welding services.

Know Your Welder

A quick research of a welding company’s website and a phone call can tell you a lot about the service. Many welders are not so communicative and an email or a phone call can give you an idea of how it would be like to work with the welder. It is always recommended to work with someone you feel comfortable talking to and service that seems reliable.

Your welders should always have in place public liability insurance of 2-5 million in cover. It is also better if they are a part of a welding-related organisation and are coded welders. Some welders’ associations in the UK may include Code a weld, The welding institute, Chas, Safe Contractor, etc. Ask your welder about insurance and certification before going ahead with works. It will give you a clear image of the firm and eliminate any inconvenience situations in the future. If the welder seems responsive and proves to be qualified it can pretty much reflect on their service quality.

What Type of Welder You Need

If you need welding to your car, look for a welder that specialise in vehicles. Not all welders do all types of jobs.

As such some welders may only fabricate just certain types of metals and use certain welding methods. So as the old saying goes; A photo worth a thousand words.

The best way to know whether a welder can provide the service you’re looking for, would be to simply take a photo of the item you need to fabricate and email it to your welders.

If you’re not sure about what type of metal it is you’d like to weld, no welder could tell you if they can do the job based on an assumption like “I think it’s stainless steel”.

Past Work Reviews

Ideally you should work with a local welder that has great service ratings. Online reviews can sometimes be misleading as anyone can fabricate them. A profound enough research however can reveal if reviews are genuine. Generally, if you find that the reviews of a welding company are legit and they seem like a good team of people, there shouldn’t be a reason to worry.

You can also ask for references of previous clients you can talk to and maybe even go to their property to have a look at the works if you’d like to be 100%.

Mobile Welding London

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