Tasks You Must Hire Welders For

Welders can help you out in a variety of ways; they may not be the common type of tradesman you’d normally store in your phone, but they are actually very handy people to know. In this article, we’ll explore four ways that welders can help you out.

Mobile welding companies would also offer installation services at your location. Have your metal security products supplied and fitted by a professional welder only. This would assure you with qualified and secured installations. In terms of home and office security local welders can help you with:

  • Security grills and Gates installations.
  • Security Grilles and Gate repairs.
  • Security fence repair and installations.
  • Trip latch repair.
  • Broken hinge repair.

Metalwork Maintenance

Welders play a key role from a health and safety perspective. They operate in completing both planned and reactive maintenance on a variety of different metalwork installations. These include fire escapes, balustrades and all manner of railings.

Welders don’t just deal with the installation of metal structures; The maintenance of fire escapes at the back of buildings, handrails, metal staircase and other metal objects are all being supervised by welders. These metal appliances are absolutely crucial from a health and safety perspective. And only a local qualified welder can approve that they are safe to use.

Metalwork Decoration

Yes, you read that right; decoration. It might not be the first word that springs to mind when you think of a welder (I’m betting it’s an image of a person in a welding mask with sparks flying everywhere, right?!), but welders can design some of the most intricately beautiful structures you could ever imagine.

Welders can extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture like wrought iron tables and chairs.

They can create beautiful iron gates, railings and custom designed fences for your garden. Rust can also be a major problem which a welder can help you deal with. Apart of the appearance issue cause by rust it can also cause cracks and fractures in your metal furniture leading to safety issues with your metal appliances.

So welders can help you cleaning off rust and applying paint in the most professional way. Cracks and breaks are harder to deal with and they will almost certainly require some welding. ARC welding is the technique most often used to repair cracks of metal structures around your home and workplace. You should always hire a trained professional welder to carry out this work. A good welder will ensure that the join is fully covered and the weld penetrates deep so as to be secure; When hiring a welder for the repair of metalwork make sure they repeat the welding process on the back of the join, when the original join has cooled sufficiently.

Commercial welding

Commercial welding firms carry out a variety of services from large scale construction projects to small architectural pieces and signage. Here are a few examples.

Structural Steel

Structural steel, as the name suggests, is often used as a frame for buildings and extensions. ISO qualified welders can handle the welding of steel beams, columns, plates and channels to produce structures like this.

Iron Gates

Commercial welding companies generally offer gate fabrication, repairs and installation services. These can be for driveway gates, garden gates, security gates and even dumpster gates. The welders would usually be able to offer multiple designs to choose from depending on your tastes.

Stairs and railings

Next time you’re out and about in an urban area, just have a look around. You’ll easily spot some metal railings, a wrought iron staircase or stainless still benches.  All of these structures have been fabricated by a welder and they are likely maintained by one too.

Hopefully, by now you know have a better understanding of the projects welders can help you with around your home and office.