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Gas tungsten arc welding is notoriously difficult to mater due to its complexity and is known to be considerably slower than other recognized welding techniques. As such it is rarely automated; a similar process called plasma arc welding is generally used when automation is required.

Tig Welding Services in London

If you’re after a London welder to help you with the completion of work that involves Gas tungsten arc welding at your location, you shouldn’t have much of a struggle to do so. Since Tig welders are usually convenient and mobile machines, many mobile local welders can help you with this process. However, make sure to choose an experienced welder with quality machinery as Tig welding does require a specialist to get the job done right.

Our mobile welders work with Tig welding on a daily basis and can deliver best mobile Tig welding service at your London site. Contact us on 020 3397 8705 for more information and advice should you be looking for mobile Tig welding task to be completed in London.


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Types of materials fabricated with gas tungsten arc welding

Tig welding is mostly used with stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. These may include aluminum, magnesium, copper alloys and more.

Uses of gas tungsten arc welding

Gas tungsten arc welding, as a process, is commonly used in the manufacturing and construction of race cars and their chassis; chiefly it is used to weld both aluminum and 4130 chrome-moly steel.

Gas tungsten arc welding can be used in repair welds as well as new build production. It is frequently used when looking to weld thin base metal and for depositing root passes when working with thicker section welds of all types.

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Pros and benefits of TIG Welding

  • The non-consumable rod means that the cost, as well as the time is taken to replace said rods in other welding techniques is not an issue.
  • Gas tungsten welds don’t always require a metal filler; this offers versatility. You can use a consumable filler metal or not (if you completing an autogenous weld for example).
  • Gas tungsten welding is a superb technique for all non-ferrous metals. Copper magnesium and aluminum are no problems for gas tungsten welding.

Cons and limitations

  • Weld metal deposition rates are low particularly when used manually.
  • Gas tungsten welding is very complicated and requires a high degree of skill, precision and experience; control and accuracy are a must with this technique.
  • Speed. Or a lack of it! Gas tungsten welding is slower than other methods which can mean that it is a less productive technique than others in certain situations. If you don’t strictly need to use gas tungsten welding you should probably use another technique.
  • There can be health and safety issues as the non-consumable electrode does not have flux coatings that both cover and protect the rods simultaneously. Therefore, there is no smoke screen to cover the light; protective goggles need to be worn by all.

Where to buy Tig welders in London

If you only start working as a welder or need a welding machine for your private use you can find second-hand welders for good prices on websites like Gumtree or Ebay.

You can also rent a welder with a retailer such as rentarc. New welders can be acquired in many stores some of which are Toolstation, Weldingsuppliesdirect, Machinemart and more.


Need a Welding or Fabrication Service in London Today?