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Though not as old as forge welding, Gas welding is one of the oldest welding techniques and it is largely obsolete in the world of the heavy industry these days; this is due to the different types of arc welding available that offers a faster and more consistent weld finish.

Gas Welders in London

Gas welding equipment is fairly fairly portable and therefore can be offered by the majority of welders in London. However, it requires the maintenance of gas supply and good welders usually requires large set of gas containers.

Therefore not all mobile welders will carry gas welding equipment in their vans and some would prefer to use other methods such as arc or tig welding.

We provide gas welding services in London. Contact us on 020 3397 8705 to find out more.

Types of materials modified with gas welding

Over the years Gas welding has been used to weld all manner of metals, but with its waning popularity it is most commonly used on lower grade steels these days.

Uses of gas welding

Though it is now thought to be an old-fashioned welding technique; gas welding is still used on a small scale on projects such as metal-based art and sculptures and smaller, amateur shops in sheds and garages the world over.

What Clients have to say About Us

Pros and benefits

  • It is very inexpensive both in terms of equipment and power.
  • It does not require electricity; this keeps cost down.
  • Gas Welding is portable and flexible on location; it can be transported from job to job easily.
  • It can be used both mechanically and manually, again offering flexibility.
  • Can be used on thick sections.
  • Can be used in all positions.

Cons and limitations

  • Not as suitable when working with low and mild steel alloys
  • There are better techniques to use when working with stainless steel and aluminum
  • Fairly wide HAZ
  • Adhesion cannot occur if the outer surface of any of the metals is oxygenated.
  • Parameters influence the quality of the output greatly as does the surface conditions, corrosion and the quality of the equipment used
  • Seen as an outdated, cheap and inefficient method in the professional worlds of fabrication and engineering.

Whilst gas welding has its uses for the casual, hobbyist welder or the creative artist, in these days, it is a largely obsolete technique in the world of heavy industry.  Other techniques such as arc welding offer a better, more precise finish and a stronger weld with most materials. For that reason gas welding is now so few and far between.

If you require further help with gas welding in London, our team’s welders will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us anytime on 020 3397 8705.


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