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What is cold welding?

Cold Welding is a process of bonding where two solids are merged to form one piece by applying pressure on them. Applying pressure serves as a disruption of the oxide layers barriers on the interface thus causing adhesion between the two surfaces.

The process does not need heat or melting of any material at the interface. It is more applicable for buried pipes and space components where there is no oxygen contact because the joint can fail in highly oxygenated environment.

Cold Welders in London

The companies that can provide cold welding in London are a few. There is not much demand for such a service in the private sector. If you do however require a London welder that could preform cold welding, you might be able to find someone on Yell.com or otherwise need to look further ahead in other cities in the UK.

Types of materials modified with cold welding

This joining method has been used for decades; it applies mostly to ductile metals, and their alloys like aluminium, zinc, copper, nickel, lead, gold, cadmium, silver, and palladium.


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Uses of cold welding

  • The cold pressure welding technique is used while joining non-ferrous metal wires like copper, aluminium, and aluminium copper alloys.
  • It is also used in assembling small transistors that cannot use heat.
  • It is used in joining dis-similar metals.
  • It joins wires in case of break up during operation
  • Sealing containers that are heat sensitive like those containing explosives.

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Pros and benefits

  • The process does not leave any heat effects on the surfaces being joined because it is done at ambient temperature.
  • It does not cause environmental pollution, as it emits no gas, metal molten, radiations, noise, or vibrations.
  • It can weld most metals from A1 to Cu.
  • It produces a smooth joint because of absence of heat and flux.
  • It does not need any filler thus inexpensive and simple.

Cons and limitations

  • The joint can fail in areas high oxygen content. Therefore, it is limited to buried pipes or materials stationed in oxygen free areas.
  • It does not cause environmental pollution, as it emits no gas, metal molten, radiations, noise, or vibrations.
  • It cannot work if one of the metals being joined is not malleable.
  • Adhesion cannot occur if the outer surface of any of the metals is oxygenated.
  • The welds are not easy to inspect because they are joined in their solid state.
  • It cannot be used in areas that are not easily accessible.

What techniques are used for cold welding?

Cold welding is usually performed in a workshop by designated machines that use pressure and vacuum.

Can you provide mobile cold welding services?

Due to the requirements of unique and somewhat uncommon machinery, our welding services in London does not always available for cold welding works. However we might be able to assist you in finding the right welder for you. Visit our home page to find more about how we can help.


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